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Schedule Maintenance Mode – SCOM 2016

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016 in SCOM 2016

Schedule Maintenance Mode – SCOM 2016

Every month when the platform team performs server patch activity, my team gets the request to put those servers under Maintenance Mode so they don’t get alerts while server reboot.

So, it became a manual task for the team to put those servers under Maintenance Mode through script or running the batch file.

Seems that the System Center 2016 development team took this under consideration and provided us a very useful feature Maintenance Schedules in Operations Manager 2016.

Now in Operations Manger 2016, the Platform team them self can schedule the Maintenance Mode for their servers as per the patch activity schedule.

So, let’s see how it works:

1: Click on Maintenance Schedules under Monitoring tab.

2: Select Create Maintenance Schedule option under Tasks pane.

3: Choose respective option under Apply to field.

  • Selected Objects Only: Select this option if you want to put the specific object into Maintenance Mode. Ex: Memory, Disk, Interface, Database, etc.
  • Selected Objects and all their contained objects: Select this option if you want to put the parent and its child objects into Maintenance Mode. Ex: Server, Device, etc.

I will select Selected Objects and all their contained objects option.

4: Click Add/Remove Objects button to add the Servers/Devices to put into Maintenance Mode.


5: Search for the Server/Devices/Groups you want to put under Maintenance Mode.

6: Click Add and OK to continue.


7: Click Next to continue.


8: Provide the Maintenance Schedule.

In below scenario we want the Maintenance Mode to start next day at 12:00 AM (19th November, 2016) and the server should be out of Maintenance Mode on 20th November, 2016 11:59 PM.

The same way Maintenance Mode can be scheduled Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


9: Provide Schedule Name and select the desired Category.

10: Click Finish to save the Maintenance Schedule.


The created schedule will reflect under Maintenance Schedules option.

You can Edit, Disable or Delete the created schedules under Tasks pane.


That’s it. The selected servers will move under Maintenance Mode once the Maintenance Schedule will start as per the configured schedule.

Enjoy the new feature of SCOM 2016.

Hope it helps.

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