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SCOM 2016 UR1 installation Step by Step

Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in SCOM 2016

SCOM 2016 UR1 installation Step by Step

Soon after the release of System Center Operations Manager 2016, Microsoft System Center / Operations Manager development team has released the Update Rollup 1 for Operations Manger 2016.

Though there’s nothing mentioned about the fix this Update Rollup includes however it’s recommended to apply this Update Rollup after you install or upgrade your SCOM environment to Operations Manager 2016.

Note: It’s recommended that you apply the Update Rollup 1 for SCOM 2016 after 24 hours of the upgrade as it may interrupt the synchronization after upgrade.

SCOM 2016 UR1 can be downloaded from Microsoft Update Catalog site.


There are no updates for Gateway Server and Agent in this Update Release.

So, let’s start..

The update order will be as followed:

1: Install Update Rollup package on following:

  • Management Servers
  • Web Console role computers
  • Operations Console role computers

2: Apply SQL scripts.

3: Manually update Management Packs.

4: Update Agents.

After download, copy the files at preferred location on Management Server and extract the contents.


Make sure the login ID you are using to install these updates have below rights on the servers:

  • Local Administrator
  • SCOM Administrator
  • OperationsManager Database System Administrator

Update Management Server

File Name: KB3190029-AMD64-Server 

1: Login on Management Server.

2: Open command prompt as Administrator.

3: Execute the KB3190029-AMD64-Server file.

Make sure you close Operations Manager Shell before executing the file.

It should take around a minute to complete.


Check the Application Logs for MsiInstaller events to check the installation status.

You should get the Installation success message in the log.


Also, the Server DLL file version should have changed to 7.2.11759.0


Update Web Console role computers 

File Name: KB3190029-AMD64-ENU-WebConsole

1: Open command prompt as Administrator.

2: Execute the KB3190029-AMD64-ENU-WebConsole file.

It should complete within few seconds.


Check the WebConsole file version, it should be changed to 7.2.11759.0


Update Operations Console role computers 

File Name: KB3190029-AMD64-ENU-Console 

Close the SCOM Console before running the update file. 

1: Open command prompt as Administrator.

2: Execute the KB3190029-AMD64-ENU-Console file.

It should complete within couple of minutes.


Check the Console file version, it should be 7.2.11759.0


Follow same process to update other Management Servers.

Apply SQL scripts 

On Management Server navigate to following path where you will find the SQL Script update_rollup_mom_db.sql to update OperationsManager database:

%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\SQL Script for Update Rollups


1: Copy the update_rollup_mom_db.sql file on OpsMgr DB server.

2: Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to OpsMgr DB.

3: Open the update_rollup_mom_db.sql file.

4: Select OperationsManager DB from Available Databases dropdown menu.

5: Execute the query.


The query may take considerable amount of time based upon your SCOM environment.


Make sure the query completes successfully. If you get Error, re-run the query.

You might need to stop below services on your all Management Servers so the query may complete successfully:

  • Microsoft Monitoring Agent
  • System Center Data Access Service
  • System Center Management Configuration

Manually update Management Packs 

On Management Server, navigate to following path where you will find the Management Pack files which need to be imported trough Operations Console.

%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\Management Packs for Update Rollups

You will find 8 Management Pack files here, however make sure you import only those which you need.


1: Open Operations Console.

2: Click on Installed Management Packs under Administration tab.

3: Click on Import Management Packs.


4: Click on Add button.

5: Navigate to Management Packs for Update Rollups folder.

6: Select the Management Packs you need to update and click Open button.


7: Review the import list and click Install button.


The Management Pack import should take few minutes to complete.

Once all the Management Packs are imported, click Close button.


Update Agents 

The Agents which were not manually installed should be placed into Pending Management option under Operations Manager console.

Approve all the agents placed under Pending Management.


SCOM Agents, which were manually installed, will not reflect here, hence can’t be upgraded through SCOM console. You need to install SCOM 2016 agent update on those servers manually.

The Agent update file can be found under below path:

%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Server\AgentManagement\amd64 

File Name: KB3190029-amd64-Agent


That’s it.

Also refer SCOM 2016 UR1 KB Article: Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager

Hope this helps.

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