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Push DPM Protection Agent – Step by Step

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in DPM

Push DPM Protection Agent – Step by Step

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a software product from Microsoft that can provide near-continuous data protection and data recovery in both Microsoft Windows and Linux environment.

It is part of the Microsoft System Center family of products and is Microsoft’s first entry into the near-continuous backup and data recovery. It uses Shadow Copy technology for continuous backups.

In this post I will show you how to push DPM Protection Agent on the server.

Let’s start.

1: Open DPM Administrator Console and click Agents option.

2: Click on Install option on the tool ribbon to open the Protection Agent Installation Wizard.


3: On the Select Agent Deployment Method page, select Install agents and click Next.


On the Select Computers page, DPM displays a list of available computers that are in the same domain as the DPM server.

4: Select the computers on which Agent needs to be installed and click Add button.

5: Click Next button to continue.


On the Enter Credentials page, type the user name and password for a domain account that is a member of the local Administrators group on all selected computers.

6: Click Next to continue.


7: On the Select Cluster Nodes page, select an option that you want DPM to use for installing agents on additional nodes in the cluster.

8: Click Next to continue.


9: On the Choose Restart Method page, select the method to use to restart the selected computers after the protection agent is installed.

10: Click Next to continue.

Note: The computer must be restarted before you can start protecting data. A restart is necessary to load the volume filter that DPM uses to track and transfer block-level changes between DPM server and the protected computers.

DPM will not automatically restart a computer that belongs to a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) cluster. You must manually restart computers in an MSCS cluster.


11: On Summary page, click Install button to start the installation.


The installation should complete with Success result within few minutes based upon the server configuration.

12: Click Close button to close the Protection Agent Installation Wizard.


The servers should be visible in Agents tab under Management task area.


Once the servers are visible under DPM console, we can configure Protection Group to configure and schedule the backup.

Hope this helps.

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