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Adding / Removing Disk in the DPM Storage Pool

Posted by on Dec 13, 2016 in DPM

Adding / Removing Disk in the DPM Storage Pool

When you setup System Center Data Protection Manager, you must add some disks or tapes to the storage pool so you may take the backups as the DPM is useless without storage.

You’ll need at least one disk in the storage pool before you can start protecting data. The system disk on which DPM is installed can’t be added to the pool.

In this demonstration, I will be using the iSCSI connection in Hyper-V to setup the drives so those drives can be used in DPM.

So, let’s start..


5: Click New button.


6: Chose the disk type based upon your requirement and click Next.

I will prefer selecting Fixed size option.


7: Specify the name and location of the virtual hard disk file and click Next.


8: Provide the disk size and click Next to continue.


9: Review the summary and click Finish to create the disk.


10: Disk path will be visible under Virtual hard disk option. Click OK button to continue.


11: Login on to DPM server and open Disk Management.


The newly attached disk should be visible under Disk Management console with Offline status. We need to prepare the disk by making it online.

12: Right click on the disk and click Online.

DO NOT Initialize Disk as if you Initialize it, you will not be able to add it in DPM.


Adding Disk to the Storage Pool

Since now we have configured the disk, it’s time to add the same in DPM.

1: Login on to DPM console.

2: Click on Disks tab under Management task and click Add button.


3: Select the disk from Available disks, click Add and OK.


Now the additional added disk should be visible under DPM Storage Pool.


Note: DPM doesn’t support USB/1394 disks.

When you add a disk to the storage pool, DPM uses the available free space on the disk and doesn’t delete any data. DPM can’t use free space in existing volumes on the disk, it can only use space in the volumes that it creates. If you want to make the entire disk space available, delete any existing volumes on the disk before you add it to the pool.

Removing Disk from the Storage Pool

1: Open Hyper-V Manager Console.

2: Right click on the DPM server and click Settings.

3: Expand SCSI Controller under Hardware option.

4: Select the drive needs to be removed and click Remove button.


5: Click OK to continue.


6: Login on to DPM console.

7: Click on Disks tab Management task area and click Rescan button.

The removed disk status will turn into critical state.


Select the disk and click Remove under Details option to remove the disk from the storage pool.

Click on Critical alerts tab under Monitoring task area. The Disk missing alert should disappear from the console.


Note: If you remove the disk from the storage pool and later bring the disk online again, DPM can’t access the existing data on it. If DPM labels a disk as missing volume and you do not remove the disk from the storage pool, when you bring the disk online again, DPM will remap the volumes on the disk and can access the existing data on it.

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Hope this helps.

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