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SCOM Severity, Priority & Resolution State Values

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in SCOM, SCOM 2012, SCOM 2016

SCOM Severity, Priority & Resolution State Values

Last week our monitoring team got a request from the database admin to change a specific SQL DB alert priority from Medium to High.

When they checked the alert override parameters, the Priority and Severity parameters were showing integer values however they were expecting the string like: Low, Medium, High.

They were not aware of the mapping between string and integer and this information is hard to find in the SCOM documentation as well. They approached me to confirm the value they should pass so the alert priority can be changed from Medium to High.

So, I thought its worth sharing this information.

The mappings are done as below:

Alert Severity Mapping

Severity String Integer
Critical 2
Warning 1
Information 0

Alert Priority Mapping

Priority String Integer
High 2
Medium 1
Low 0

Alert Resolution State Mapping

Resolution State Integer
New 0
Awaiting Evidence 247
Assigned to Engineering 248
Acknowledged 249
Scheduled 250
Resolved 254
Closed 255

Hope this helps.

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