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Configure TCP Port monitoring in SCOM

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in SCOM, SCOM 2012, SCOM 2016

Configure TCP Port monitoring in SCOM

Recently we got a scenario wherein our tools team wanted to monitor the availability of their custom application that is accessible over TCP.

In Operations Manager, there’s TCP Port monitoring template available Out of the Box which can fulfill this requirement.

We can use the TCP Port template in scenarios where applications rely on a service accessible over TCP. We can define each client as a watcher node. The monitors created by the template attempt to connect to the application from each client at the defined interval.

The application that is being tested can reside on any computer whether an Operations Manager agent installed or not. Each watcher node must have an Operations Manager agent installed.

Let’s start…

1: Login on to SCOM Console and click on Authoring tab.

2: Expand Authoring workspace, right click Management Pack Templates and select Add Monitoring Wizard.

3: On the Select Monitoring Type page, select TCP Port, and then click Next.


4: On the General Properties page, type a name and an optional description in the Name and Description boxes.

5: Select a management pack to save the monitor or click New to create a new management pack.

6: Click Next to continue.


7: In the Computer or device name box, type the name or IP address of the computer or device to connect to.

8: In the Port box, type the port number on which the application is listening.

9: Optionally, click Test button.

Note: The test is performed on the server that you are using to run the template. If this server cannot access the computer or device, this test fails. When the template is completed, the test is run from the watcher nodes that you specify.

10: Click Next to continue.


11: Select the Watcher node to run the monitor.

12: Specify the frequency to run the monitor in the Run this query box and click Next.


13: Review the summary of the monitor, and then click Create button.


The newly created monitor should be visible under TCP Port template as below:


If the port connection breaks, the alert will generate in SCOM console.


To view all the TCP Port monitor state, follow below:

1: Open Operations Console and click on Monitoring tab.

2: Expand Synthetic Transaction folder and select TCP Port Checks State pane.


To view the performance collected for a monitor, follow below:

1: In the TCP Port Checks State pane, right-click an object.

2: Select Open and click Performance View.


In the Legend pane, select the counters you want to view.


To view the state of each monitor, click TCP Port Checks State pane, right-click an object. Select Open, and then click Health Explorer.


That’s it.

Hope this helps.

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