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SCOM showing IP Address instead of Network Device Name (FQDN)

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in SCOM, SCOM 2012, SCOM 2016

SCOM showing IP Address instead of Network Device Name (FQDN)

In my previous article Configure and Monitor Network Devices in SCOM I described how to discover a Network Device in SCOM however I got questions from the team working here Why the SCOM is showing only IP Address of the monitored device instead of Device Name in console.

It was not only the SCOM console where Network Device name was not visible but the alert notification and the alerts (being forwarded to ITSM tool) were also displaying only Network Device IP Address.

Below are the possible causes which could lead to such scenario:

1: Device is not discovered using Device Name (FQDN).

2: DNS registration is not done properly.

Besides doing DNS A-record creation for resolving IP addresses to FQDN’s, there also needs to be a Pointer record, enabling reverse lookup, for resolving IP addresses to FQDN’s.

We checked both the possible causes and found DNS registration was done properly and the issue was due to the discovery. The discovery was done using IP Address instead of FQDN.

So, how to fix this…

In this scenario, you don’t need to remove the existing monitored Network Device. Just rediscover the devices using FQDN.

1: Login on to Operations Console and click Administration tab.

2: Expand Network Management and click Discovery Rules.

3: Right click the Discovery Rule and click Properties.

4: It will open Network Devices Discovery Wizard, Click Next.

5: Leave the discovery type to Explicit discovery and click Next.

6: Select the Run As account which was used while discovering the device and click Next.

7: Remove the existing devices from Devices list and click Add option.

8: Provide the Network Device FQDN.

9: Select the Run As account and click OK to continue.

Add additional devices if required.

10: Click Next to continue.

11: Select Run the discovery rule manually and click Next button.

12: Click Save button.

13: Click Close button to close the Discovery Wizard and run the network discovery rule.

14: Right click the Discovery Rule and click Run to run the discovery.

Give it 5 – 10 minutes so the changes may take place. The devices should reflect under Network Devices pane with FQDN.

That’s it.

TIP: If there’s issue with the DNS registration, after fixing the DNS issue, you may need to remove the monitored device and run the discovery again so the device name gets visible in SCOM.

Hope this helps.

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