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Deploy Integration Pack in Orchestrator (SCORCH)

Posted by on May 3, 2017 in SCORCH

Deploy Integration Pack in Orchestrator (SCORCH)

System Center Orchestrator includes set of standard activities out of the box however you can expand the functionality and ability of Orchestrator to integrate platforms and products by Microsoft and other companies by installing integration packs.

Each integration pack contains activities that provide unique functions. Microsoft provides integration packs for all of the System Center products, a number of other Microsoft products, and technologies and products from other companies.

Microsoft provides integration packs for all of the System Center products, as well as other Microsoft and third party products and technologies. The same can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Center and TechNet library:

System Center 2012 R2 – Orchestrator Component Add-ons and Extensions

Integration Packs for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

The Integration packs also include the guide which provides instructions for installation, known issues and reference information for the activities in the Integration Pack.

So, once you download the Integration Pack, it’s time to install the Integration Pack and deploy it for the Runbook Designers.

Let’s start.

For this demo, we have downloaded the Integration Pack for System Center 2012 R2.

1: Double click the downloaded Integration Pack .exe file.

2: Select the directory to extract the files and click OK button.

Extraction will take only 1-2 seconds to complete.

3: Click OK button and open the location where files were extracted.

You will be able to see all the System Center 2012 R2 Integration Packs here.

4: Open System Center Orchestrator Deployment Manager and right click Integration Packs.

5: Select Register IP with the Orchestrator Management Server option.

6: Click Next to continue.

7: Click on Add button.

8: Select the Integration Pack which needs to be registered and click Open button.

Note: Multiple selection not allowed.

9: Click Next button to continue.

10: Click Finish button to complete the Integration Pack Registration.

11: Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

Registered Integration Pack should be visible under Integration Packs folder.

Since now we are able to see the new integration pack in the deployment manager, we are good to deploy the integration pack for the Runbook Designer.

1: Right click Integration Packs in Deployment Manager and select Deploy IP to Runbook Server or Runbook Designer option.

2: Select the Integration Pack and click Next.

3: Select the Runbook Designer Computer on which you want to deploy the Integration Pack.

4: Click Next to continue.

5: Choose appropriate option and click Next.

6: Click Finish button.

Once the deployment completes, Log Entries should show Finished enumerating Integration Packs message.

Open Runbook Designer, you should be able to see the newly integrated Integration Pack in the Activities Window.

That’s it.

Hope this helps.

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