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Install stand-alone Primary Site – SCCM (Current Branch)

Posted by on Jul 4, 2017 in SCCM

Install stand-alone Primary Site – SCCM (Current Branch)

In our previous post, Step by Step Prerequisites Installation – SCCM (Current Branch) we have fulfilled all the prerequisites required for System Center Configuration Manager installation. Now let’s proceed with the first SCCM Primary Site installation.

stand-alone primary site is suitable for smaller deployments, and can be used to manage devices without having to install additional sites. It does support the scenario wherein you can expand your hierarchy later by installing a new Central Administration Ste (CAS). Once you install CAS, your stand-alone primary site becomes a child-primary site, and you can then install additional child-primary sites below that CAS.

In this demo, the setup we are going to use SCCM Current Branch – Version 1606, can be downloaded from here SC_Configmgr_SCEP_1606

Let’s start…

1: Run splash to launch the SCCM Setup.

2: Click Install option.

3: Read the instructions and make sure you meet the requirements and click Next.

4: Choose the default option as we are going to install the Primary Site.

5: Click Next.

Since it’s for demo purpose, I will select Install the evaluation edition of this product option.

6: Click Next to continue.

7: Accept the product license terms and click Next.

8: Select Download required files option and click Next.

If you have downloaded the prerequisites, you can select Use Previously downloaded files option.

9: Select the Language and click Next.

10: Click Next button.

11: Provide Site Code, Site Name and Installation folder.

12: Put check mark on Install the Configuration Manager console option so the SCCM console can be installed on Primary Site Server.

13: Click Next to continue.

14: Select Install the primary site as a stand-alone site option and click Next.

Since we are installing our first Primary Site, we have selected this option, otherwise if you want to join the Primary Site to an existing hierarchy, you can select Join the primary site to an existing hierarchy option and provide the CAS site server FQDN.

15: The message is self-explanatory. Click on Yes button.

16: Leave the options to default and click Next.

If you have SQL Server on remote server, provide the SQL Server name (FQDN) and make sure the Service Broker Port is open on Firewall.

17: Specify Database files path and click Next.

Will be using the same server for SMS Provider installation.

18: Leave the options to default and click Next.

19: Select Configure the communication method on each site system role option and click Next.

We can enable HTTPS communication later.

The Server will host Management Point and Distribution Point as well so will install both the Site System Roles.

20: Leave the options to default and click Next.

21: Click on Next.

22: Leave the option to default and click Next.

23: Review the settings and click Next.

24: Setup will run the Prerequisite Check. Fix the Error / Warning messages if any and click on Begin Install button.

Now sit back and relax, the installation may take around half an hour to complete.

Once the installation completes, Core setup has completed message should be displayed.

Our stand-alone Primary Site installation is complete.

Let’s open the SCCM Console and see our first stand-alone Primary Site there.

Hope this helps.

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